Video Admin Back-end And Front-end UI Done.

Video Admin Back-end And Front-end UI Done.

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The aim of my open source projects is to share what I learn using PHP serverless for my own custom podcasting platform. It is ironic that in pursuit of producing videos for these projects, that I am adding videos to my podcast platform. But that's what happened. See

Now that I have discovered the potential of video, I have a problem.

How do I produce videos "in bulk"? 

Staring at my burgeoning amount of hand-written notes is not going to help me produce videos in bulk. I went through this same thing with my podcasts. Jotting down notes or keeping a scratch text file was ok for one or two podcasts. Beyond that it got cumbersome. Planning was a catalyst for creating my custom podcasting platform. 

I already have half-a-dozen ideas for videos. How do I turn these ideas into videos? 

Can my custom podcasting platform help me plan videos? Yes, it can. 

Can I add videos to my custom podcasting platform easily? Yes, if I keep to the same structure as my podcasts. 

All the plumbing is there. In my platform, individual podcast episodes belong to a podcast show. That podcast show has an RSS feed. Individual videos belong to a channel. Yeah, this can work. The good news is I do not have to create an RSS feed at all for a video channel -- whew!

My podcast platform has front-end for my podcasts. So using this plumbing, I can create front-ends for my videos. It is common for podcasters to have websites for their podcasts, as well as listing them on the various podcast directories. However, it is not common for video-ers to put their videos on their own websites. I am excited at the idea, and the relative uniqueness of doing it. It turned out that doing the front-end was more a PITA than putting together the video admin side. 

Here are my new video repositories, packages for my LaSalle Software:
Video (private) repos in GitHub.

I am so used to "shows" and "episodes" that I am keeping this same lexicon for videos in my admin. On my front-end, I call a video show "video series".  Here is the "video show" listing:
Video admin channels (aka 'shows') view.

For a video "episode" table structure, looking at what I did with my podcasts, I had to decide if I was going to do front-ends for my videos. The answer was quickly: why not? The plumbing is there, so why not take the time now to get the front-end going? Otherwise, if (and when) I change my mind and want the front-end, I will have to interrupt my video production to do it. I would rather invest the time now.

Instead of one field for planning, I created three planning fields. A field to jot down the concept, a field for expanding on the field, and a field to plan things out in more detail. Here is the video "episode" details view:
Video admin details view.

My video front-end does not depend on my video "show" having its own domain, unlike my podcasts. The front-end styling is a bit different. Otherwise, underneath, my video front-end is much the same as my podcast front-end. I embed my video from YouTube:
Video front-end web page.

After seeing this video webpage, I added sections for links, guests, and sponsors, exactly like my podcast episode web pages. Pretty weird for a video page, I think. But, I already have a need for links. Guests and sponsors, well, the code is just sitting there to copy and paste (mostly), so why not take the time now. Hey, you never know!

After I took these screenshots I added a field for YouTube chapters. I added that field to my video "episode" web page. 

So now my video administration back-end, and video front-end, are done.