Upcoming Development For LaSalle Software

Upcoming Development For LaSalle Software

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LaSalle Software Version Two's initial release is done. 

The first thing I did with my initial release was to install two front-end domains, and to install the common admin domain. The going was a bit rough at furst, so I smoothed out the installation process (mainly with new command line scripts) and a few other odds and ends that came up. You can see the post-release updates in detail in each package's changelog. 

It feels very good to be using my Software in production. Especially that I can see that it really works! 

It's been too long since I've blogged. Now I have a personal blog site and a site devoted to my Software. There's just one admin site, with one login, for both separate blogs. Perhaps time to consider podcasting again!

Up next is putting documentation on this site. I set up the schematic for this already so I can chip away. 

I was lucky that at a recent meet-up they went through the installation of my admin app. I have plenty of notes from the fabulous feedback. Front and centre was the need for online doc. I wrote notes directly in my code, but who goes through the source code to find doc. The notes are there, mainly, so jog my memory of what I was trying to achieve, or what problem I had encountered. Now I need to get some doc up as part of building an open source project. 

So, what is next? Documentation!

What else? 

Well, using my Software's been interesting. There are a few little things that have come up. I will go through my admin to see if there's anything else that I should clean up. 

Once I do the little clean up things, I will go through the notes I made at that meet-up. Most refer to documentation, but there are some other tidbits.

Generally, before I add more features, I want all the "clean-up" stuff done to really wrap up my Software's initial release. What makes this even more imperative is Laravel's upcoming version 7 in early March. I will have to update LaSalle Software for this release, although I do not anticipate many issues. 

I will likely hold off on new features so I can devote some serious attention to Laravel's new Vapor service, which installs Laravel apps to Amazon Web Service's "serverless" architecture. I think that Vapor is an explosive technical breakthrough, and that my Software will work well with it. I will see for myself! Indeed, I will be writing about this!