The Bob Bloom Show #8: Framing Extensions With Nooku, With Johan Jansenns

Thursday April 15th, 2010



Web Application Architect, Co-Founder of Joomlatools and one of the original Joomla! Founders. Johan has a wealth of experience working in open source communities. At Joomla! he was Project Manager for 2 years and held a position on the Board of Directors of Open Source Matters, Inc. Johan is the principal architect of the Joomla! Framework and held the role of Lead Developer during the development of Joomla! 1.5. Today, Johan has made nearly 3,500 commits helping to create Joomla! v 1.5, a refactored MVC application architecture. He is hopeful and confident that with Joomla!'s strong and growing community, Joomla! will continue to help more and more people all over the world connect with others. Technology is a natural fit for Johan, something he has enjoyed for many years. At the young age of 10, he began programming simple games on his Commodore 64. He continued creating games on his first x86, a few years later. He taught himself how to program in C/C++, Java and PHP. His interest in electronics and programming led him to a obtain a Masters Degree in computer science specializing in game development and interactive media from GroepT University, Belgium. Initially, Johan planned a career in game development. But, he discovered open source and realized working with free software was something he wanted to do. Johan has invested many years contributing to the open source community. He joined Mambo in April 2004, participating as a developer and core team member, and moved with the entire core team to help found Joomla!. Currently, Johan is working on Nooku, a multi-lingual content manager for Joomla!, and Nooku Framework, a rapid extension development framework for Joomla!.

Episode Summary

Discussing the new Nooku Framework.

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