The Bob Bloom Show #57: On Hiatus

Thursday May 12th, 2016

Episode Summary

Welcome to my 57th episode of The Bob Bloom Show.

Today is Thursday, May 12th, 2016.


I am putting this podcast on hiatus. 

My main intent with The Bob Bloom Show is to interview people about technology.

My intent creating my LaSalleCast software is supporting the production of my interview podcasts. I built custom features based on my experience producing successful interviews in my pre-Laravel Framework era. 

I have an entire web application, lovingly built with my custom podcasting software, to produce sponsored interview podcasts. 

Yet, at this particular time, it is just the wrong time to be producing these types of podcasts.

I need to devote the time I'd spend producing my interview podcasts to developing my LaSalle Software. 

I've been faithfullly producing The Bob Bloom Show, but without the interviews. Each month, I tell myself, "just one more month". I'll start the interviews next month. Next month never comes. What does happen is that the next month rolls around, I've done no prep, so I whip up a topic. I've been doing something I've not done before, and that's trying to record the podcast in one fell swoop, referring to notes I've jotted down whilst recording. 

The result is that I am completely unsatisfied with my uploads. My underlying feeling is a type of resentment that I have to drop everything I'm doing to get The Bob Bloom Show done. A feeling that completely infuses my podcast. I am so unsatisfied with the final recording that I rarely promote my podcast.

I will continue to produce my monthly LaSalle Software News podcast. 

I've not been happy with my LaSalle Software News podcasts. Just when I get my mid-month podcast wrapped up, I am then faced with a looming month-end deadline for my News podcast. I just seem to move from one resented podcast production to the next.

With just the one podcast to produce, I am pretty sure I will find the joy in it again. I can spend the month updating my script as I progress with LaSalle Software, and as issues arise. When it is time to record my podcast, it will feel like taking a break from my Software development, rather than feeling like yet-another-interruption. 

When the time is right, I will restart my interview podcasts. 

I will continue to produce my LaSalle Software News podcast at the top of each month.




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