The Bob Bloom Show #55: Endearing Enduring Clients

Thursday February 18th, 2016

Episode Summary

Welcome to my fifty-fifth episode of The Bob Bloom Show, my monthly commentary and interviews about websites, technology, and consulting. 

Today is Tuesday, February 16th, 2016.

I publish this podcast every month, at mid-month,

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This month I talk about bringing on board enduring, and endearing, LaSalle Software clients.

In my own experience, the vast majority of clients do not endure beyond the site build stage, because ongoing site revenues do not support ongoing monthly invoicing. 

Creating a revenue producing web app is hard. As consultant and client, we have to partner together to develop it. 

Your web app has to convert call-to-action(s). What's the point of having kick-ass SEO that brings in 10,000 people daily, but no one does the things you want them to do on your site. 

You have to understand the value proposition(s) you are offering.

You have to understand the call-to-action(s) you need to convert.



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