The Bob Bloom Show #53: I Want You In Web Applications

Tuesday November 10th, 2015

Episode Summary

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Welcome to the 53rd "The Bob Bloom Show". My name is Bob Bloom from Toronto, Canada. Today is Tuesday, November 10th, 2015.

My 52nd episode was back in April 2012. I took a hiatus at the time to focus on developing my LaSalleMart ecommerce extension for Joomla. I continued publishing my "LaSalleMart News" podcasts, all 37 of them. But, I am glad to be back to publishing two separate podcasts, one strictly about my software and the other for broader discussions and interviews. 

There is so much to talk about, but there is one over arching thing I want to focus on:

I want to get you into web applications!

The economics of web apps has changed. A sea change, over the last few years. Getting into web apps is accessible. 

The technical changes driving the economic change:

  • git and
  • Composer
  • cloud servers
  • continuous technologies
  • Laravel Framework 

You had to be a start up, or a well funded project, to do web applications. Now, people that are doing medium to high-ish end Joomla or WordPress sites can get do web applications instead. 

  • not for the feint of heart
  • it is technology laden -- because that's where the value is!

The technology is progressing from pure infrastructure to the individual web app itself. It's akin to the oil business' "upstream" and "downstream". Without the "upstream" infrastructure, there's no "downstream". Now, we are in a multi-year phase of seeing a build-up of downstream technologies. Right now, it is still raw. Different ideas are coming out how to get you into web apps fast and cheap.

I am on the forefront of this downstream focus! My idea is to get your web app spun up on your own cloud server, by providing ready-made scaffolding. Where content, user management, authorization, access control, a back-end, and other basic goodies, exist in a ready-to-install fashion. 

This scaffolding does not yet exist, but not for long. The Laravel Framework founder is now working on a dual scaffolding: for software-as-a-service; and, for self-hosted. 

There was a large gap between the upstream and downstream web app technologies, because the technologies had to progress linearly towards downstream. Downstream's time has come, and I am in the thick of it.

The Amazon Web Services Reinvent 2015 keynote is indicative that we are in the downstream phase now, as it focused on services more than infrastructure. In previous years, AWS was about cloud infrastructure. This year there's more talk of cloud services.

The Laravel Project offers significant downstream technologies. The Laravel Framework itself makes framework based web app development accessible (IMO). The Forge deployment service bridges web app code with getting that code onto the cloud server. Here's a video at the recent LaraCon EU 2015 about the burgeoning Laravel eco-system.

What I set out to do was develop integrative web app scaffolding for myself, and for my clients...

There is no doubt that doing your own web application right now is messy and technical, because only recently has a focus on downstream technologies been possible..

My LaSalle Software is my way of getting you into web applications in the WordPress-y price range. 

My LaSalle Software, heavily based on the Laravel Framework, powers this podcasting web app, as well as my other five sites, including my Flagship web app site. 






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