The Bob Bloom Show #31: I Have Some ‘Splaining To Do: Three Ascendent Joomla Technologies

Thursday February 17th, 2011


Welcome to the February 17th, 2011 edition of “The Bob Bloom Show”, episode 31.

On my BlogTalkRadio podcasts last year, I talked about what I called “The Three Joomla Ascendent Technologies”.

Today, I want to follow up with these technologies.

But first, I have an announcement to make: free open source software developers — that’s all FOSS developers — I hear you.

I hear you.
I accept your message.
You have gotten through to me.

Your software is free. Your software is open source. We thank you. I thank you. I appreciate your efforts. And I appreciate that:

When your free open source software is ready, you will release it. And not a moment sooner.

I hear you.

When it’s ready, you’ll release it.

Absolutely. You’re entitled. You are giving me free open source software. When you have it ready, you will release it.

You are completely within your purview to let us know your estimates for releasing your software. I completely understand that your time estimates are based on your  best information. I understand that your estimates are always subject to revision.

I have absorbed your message: your software gets here when it gets here.

My dear free open source software developers, you do understand that I hear you, don’t you?

I mean, you understand the implication, don’t you?

My cousin, he’s always late at family functions. Sometimes he’s 5 minutes late — actually, he’s never just 5 minutes late. He’s 15 minutes late, 45 minutes late. One time he was 2 hours late. He text’s me, “Be there in 5″. He makes his Grand Entrance in 25. Y’know, he just gets there when he gets there.

And no one pays him no never mind until he gets there. I used to announce “he’ll be here in 5″ but everyone just ignores me now, so I don’t bother announcing ETA’s anymore.

Free open source software developers who release their handiwork when they say they will, I will pay attention to your release dates. For everyone else, I’m going to ignore your announcements.

Why? Because I hear you:

Tienda, it’s me. It’s not you. I cannot wait for you anymore. That’s all. I cannot wait for you.

See, I have emotional baggage. Yes, I’m not a well consultant! That baggage is stamped “Virtuemart”. Hey, this couch is comfortable, don’t mind if I do! See, it’s like this: I waited for the Virtuemart that never came. Joomla 1.6 is out and still the new MVC VM is not released. So, yeah, we’re hitting on three years from the original VM blog post that broached the idea of a new MVC version.

My dear Tienda, I just don’t have it in me to wait for your “pro” version. It’s not your fault that I have this baggage. It has nothing to do with you.

I’m dealing with my baggage by casting my gaze beyond Joomla ecommerce extensions.

Again, it’s not you. There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s me. I have this baggage, and I have to deal with it in my own way.

Anahita & Nooku Framework. There’s an interesting bit from site:

Anahita™ is not a Joomla extension. Anahita™ Social Engine is a distro made out of the combination of 3 powerful frameworks (Anahita, Nooku, and Gantry) delivered on a light version of Joomla! as the web platform.

There’s a video that came out last week entitled “The Nooku Platform”. Platform!

Last year, on April 22, I had the Anahita devs on. We described the Nooku Framework as “symbiotic”. You recall:




Who ever heard of  a “light version of Joomla!”.

What is “Joomla Lite” anyways?

Well, is Anahita and the Nooku Framework — ahem, excuse me, the Nooku Platform, even Joomla technologies? Are these ascendent Joomla technologies, or an ascendent technologies?

Let’s take a look at the Anahita website for some help with this.

Well… have you seen this blog post? It’s titled “Anahita is not a Joomla extension” (

I don’t think the Joomla times are a-changin’. I think the times are a-changin’!

I’m going to read a good chunk of this post to you. This is an excerpt only — I’ve edited it for the sake of brevity. The full post is at blog dot anahitapolis dot com.

Some of our good members specially those who are coming from the Joomla community are under the impression that Anahita Social Engine is a Joomla extension or an extension developed for Joomla. We even had a couple of people who paid a membership fee expecting to download an installable Joomla extension from Anahitapolis… So if we haven’t been clear enough here is another announcement:

Anahita™ Social Engine is not a Joomla extension! nor distributed as a Joomla extension.

…2 years ago, we did build the early releases of Anahita as a Joomla extension. We even released the alpha1 as an installable extension. It was only over time that we have developed a through [sic] framework specialized for developing social apps [so] Anahita evolved to become a stand alone platform and framework as a social networking solution.

Today Anahita Social Engine is the collection of 3 powerful frameworks (Anahita, Nooku, and Gantry) that are shipped in a container called Joomla!.

For the Anahita Social Engine we are using astripped down version of Joomla! 1.5, because the platform aspects of Joomla such as it’s extension management, menu management, and user authentication did the job quite nicely and there was no point for us to rebuild those from scratch. We have also made some upgrades to Joomla so it can better accommodates [sic] Anahita Social Engine and Apps.

For the later releases we have a keen interest to use the Nooku Server as a much lighter web platform for building Anahita which could provide some really neat features such as multisite-social networks!

…our goal… is to build next generation technologies that help people connect and collaborate in highly effective and efficient ways. Our goal is not to build and nurture CMS technologies. That responsibility is left to projects such as Joomla, WordPress, or Drupal.

We also do not think that attaching social networking to a CMS will work out quite well. It is like trying to attach wings to a car and make it fly. It will be a lot more sensible to help the passengers get out of the car and get on an airplane!

The Space Shuttle jettisons its great external fuel towers once it is in flight. The take-off requires so much external power that the fuel towers dwarf the Space Shuttle itself. Now that Anahita is in flight, Joomla will be fully discarded, in favour of Nooku.

So, calling Nooku & Anahita “Joomla technologies” is incorrect now. We have to look at them as stand-alone technologies.

This is Bob Bloom signing off, wishing you a profitable week.

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