The Bob Bloom Show #19: Joomla Security And Infrastructure Essentials With Alan Langford

Thursday August 5th, 2010



Alan Langford was born waiting for the Internet. In 1964 he decided he was going to work with computers. By 1970 he was baffling teachers with essays on how connected computing would change society. In the mid-70's he wrote a popular instant messaging application for his university's mainframe that offered both user presence and geo-location features. His love of telecommunications drew him to technology projects at Bell-Northern Research and Mitel, including work on the Telidon videotex system. In the mid 1980's he started working with Interactive Voice Response systems, holding senior positions at several companies and publishing a newsletter on the industry. As the Web first started to gain popularity, he served as a General Manager for the interactive unit of Grey Canada, where he contributed to a variety of projects and used early forms of Web 2.0 technology to build more interactive user experiences. Alan is fascinated with how communications technologies continuously shape society, business, politics, and the economy. He is an advocate for open source software and passionate about small business and the entrepreneurial process. Alan is deeply involved in the Joomla project. He is a member of the Joomla Security Team and the Joomla Bug Squad. He has made significant code contributions to the Joomla core and has taken on a leadership role in the Joomla User Group Toronto. Alan is the founder of Abivia Web Hosting and Development, suppliers of high quality web hosting, web sites, and Joomla extensions.

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Rounding the security bases with Alan Langford.

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