The Bob Bloom Show #12: GIT On With Source Code Repositories With Andy Singleton

Thursday May 13th, 2010



I am the President of Assembla, where I build software and help launch Web companies. I bring experience as an engineer and entrepreneur to the task of building new products quickly. I am currently interested in organizing people with “inspired by open source” methods. I previously founded PowerSteering Software, an enterprise software company and ASP that provides project portfolio management and collaboration tools for managing billions of dollars worth of projects at companies like Raytheon, EMC, Tyco, and Textron. Before that, I founded Cambridge Interactive and bootstrapped it into a significant Web consulting firm, launching e-businesses for Giga (now Forrester), CERA, Forum, and other leading research and advisory firms. I started my career as a hedge fund analyst, and helped start SNL Securities, where I designed a complete product line to deliver research on banks and thrifts. I also designed and built securities research product lines for Nelson Publications (acquired by Thomson), and Reuters. I have launched more than 20 new product lines, designed hardware, software, and information services, worked as a Wall street analyst, and done research into genetic programming, the automated evolution of computer programs. I graduated from Harvard in 1985, with a degree in applied mathematics. I live in Needham, Massachusetts with my wife and four kids.

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Talking about Git and

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