Tagged A New Re-encrypt Feature

Tagged A New Re-encrypt Feature

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Just tagged a new re-encryption feature.

Here's the link to the milestone tagged, and to the new docs

There is one encrypted field in the database. It is encrypted using the APP_KEY. 

When the APP_KEY is changed, there is no existing facility with which to re-encrypt the encrypted database field with the new APP_KEY. So I created this facility. Now, the APP_KEY can be rotated. 

Building this feature was more involved than I expected. Why should I be surprised, it always seems to be this way! Well, I invested a bit of extra time creating two artisan commands that goes through the rotation process step-by-step, in the hopes that I made the manual steps as easy to do as possible. 

Although my LaSalle Software is, indeed, feature complete pretty much for the rest of the year, not being able to rotate my APP_KEY was bothering me. So I made a point to do this feature.