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Updated Apr 30, 2014

LaSalleMart 3.0 is Joomla ecommerce technology that I am developing from-scratch.

This is the first time I’ve ever developed ecomm software. Such a different feel from customizing other peoples’ software!

I am used to “nibbling at the edges” of other peoples’ software, because usually I am trying not to modify their core codebase, lest my changes be over-written when next updated. If I do modify core code, I am mindful to merge my changes with the next core update.

One thing I am very used to is waiting for other people to update their software. With promised features. With fixes. And waiting and waiting.

LaSalleMart 3.0 represents a culture shock of sorts. If I wanted to do something, or not do something, then that was up to me. There was no forum, no support ticket, no one to email. It was weird! No more asking permission!

I wanted to use foreign key constraints in my MySQL CREATE statements, and I did. What an incredible learning experience, by the way. I thought I would ease my burden by using a GUI database tool. They stunk, so I hand crafted LaSalleMart’s entire database — about 40 tables so far.

I wanted to achieve a lot of things, and — many times to my surprise — achieved them. In so doing, I innovated. And am glad I did because I set the stage to bring LaSalleMart to the Laravel Framework — in part to bring LaSalleMart to WordPress (gonna be different than WooCommerce, I guar-an-tee that). Something that I was not contemplating when I started LaSalleMart 3.0, but am very much contemplating it now!

At some point in building the pieces of LaSalleMart I started to feel powerful. It’s a feeling that I’ve not experienced before, because I’ve never built something like LaSalleMart before. It’s a great feeling!

I decided I wanted to add a few extra features now to coupons. So I did. The core code base is mine, so changing whatever in the core needed changing to accomodate my features I just changed.

My clients will get a sense of this power. It may take time, but I know the moment will happen.

It’s the power of YES.

New features becomes an expression of will and resources. No “feature voting”. No “feature request forms”. No waiting for Godot for promised features. We are in control. There is no “them”, just “we” — remember the Club!

When I am asked “can LaSalleMart do X”, I always reply: “We can do anything we want”.  We do not need to ask permission, we can just Make It Happen. That’s the power of YES. That’s the power of creating your own software.

You wonder if I had those middle-of-the-night moments where I questioned why I was programming ecomm software from scratch when there’s Magento, PrestaCart, and tons of other PHP based ecommerce software. Bet your ass I did! All the time. But, as LaSalleMart started to take shape, and take shape in the way I wanted it to, these moments abated.

Sure, it seems idiotic to recreate features that exist in mature feature-rich offerings. But, I got LaSalleMart to a certain point, and it did not look so idiotic anymore.  LaSalleMart is real, and offers a tremendous strategic advantage. For you, and for me.

We will design features that are not designed for the mass market, but are designed for our specific needs.

You know what I think? I think doing tradition ecommerce sites is sometimes the wrong response to today’s mobile devices.

You know what I think? I think that it’s practically criminal how people squander the strategic advantages of websites when they do their ecommerce sites.

With our own software, with our ability to create our own software, we can explore responses that we’d otherwise not contemplate. Technological responses to business opportunities. And do it ahead of everyone else, on our own.

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