Bref + Laravel Framework + AWS serverless Project
How this project came about:

My viewpoint with AWS serverless + the Laravel Framework started and stopped with Vapor. Then I came upon Bref, and it changed my life.

Have you heard of Bref?

Well, neither did I. Despite doing a lot of preliminary research about serverless, it remained under my radar.

What really made me take notice of Bref was the Laravel logo sitting on its home page's "They sponsor the project" section. Yes, Laravel sponsors Bref.

Bref is an open source project that supports PHP and its framework for AWS Lambda. Here is a presentation by its founder:

I did a simple PHP "Hello World" Lambda function using Bref. Awesome! What a fantastic alternative to Vapor, especially for small scale, limited scope Lambda functions. As opposed to mounting an entire app onto AWS serverless.

Guess what... Small scale, limited scope Lambda functions is exactly what I have in mind for my podcast platform. Such as generating my RSS Feed XML file with Lambda.

You know what I've discovered? There is basically no learning materials out there that deep dives Bref + Laravel Framework + AWS Serverless for targeted, limited scope, Lambda functions. Right now I am staring straight up at a huge learning curve.

How is it that Bref + Laravel is flying under the radar? Maybe there are a lot of us that assume Laravel + Lambda = Vapor. I listen/read/watch podcasts/articles/videos about Laravel, and have zero recollection seeing anything about Bref. Same with the lists that I am on, and the somewhat passive social media following that I do. How 'bout this: I have co-arranged two kick-ass Vapor seminars for local PHP meet-up groups, and nary a mention of Bref. When I search "laravel bref" the first page is mostly the Bref project's work with Laravel. A few other things display, and that's it. Naturally, the first thing in the related searches list is Vapor.

One of Bref's sponsors is Laravel. Bref has documentation about using Laravel. The home page says "PHP and its frameworks". Frankly, Bref looks perfect for my podcast platform -- Nova based podcast admin app stays on my D.O. droplet and Lambda functions doing post-production steps -- so I am diving in.

I am grinding through the learning curve, and will publish a few screencasts and articles along the way to showcase my new skills and podcast platform. However, with sponsorship, I could slow down to be more thorough -- and be encouraged to publish a few FOSS repos along the way (eg: Bref yml's, phpunit tests) that I would otherwise not publish. I could really immerse myself in this undiscovered area and learn it well, instead of just chipping away at it, and Artisans would get free and open source learning materials.


  • ∙ figure out Bref + AWS serverless + the Laravel Framework in real time as an open source project
  • ∙ publish screencasts, software repositories, articles, and other materials as public open source on an ongoing basis
  • ∙ focus on deploying limited scope Lambda functions, not mounting entire Laravel based apps onto AWS serverless


  • ∙ Bref is a kick-ass FOSS project to deploy PHP Lambda functions
  • ∙ Bref is a terrific way to deploy targeted scoped, small scale, Lambda functions
  • ∙ one of Bref's sponsors is Laravel
  • ∙ Bref + Laravel Framework + AWS serverless is flying well under the radar. Learning materials are sparse

Why sponsor this project @ $10/month?

  • ∙ Learning materials are sparse for Bref + Laravel Framework + AWS serverless
  • ∙ Support open source screencasts, articles, online doc in an undiscovered area that is huge for Artisans
  • ∙ For the day when you find yourself at the ground level of this huge intimidating learning curve
  • ∙ Bref released version 1.0 a few months ago after years of development... it is ready to rock!
  • ∙ I authored my Laravel Framework based free and open source LaSalle Software, and wrote online help for it -- including using AWS
  • ∙ I have a real world Laravel application to use as a laboratory: my podcast admin & production platform that I am building
  • ∙ In conjunction with this project is my new DynamoDB + Laravel Framework open source project (link is below)

(This page updated on Wednesday February 11, 2021)