Podcast Front-end UI, API, And RSS Feed Generation Done

Podcast Front-end UI, API, And RSS Feed Generation Done

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I just finished my podcast feed generation code. So that's a wrap on the "Phase 1" of my podcast platform:

My podcast admin is done. 

My podcast website UI is done.

My podcast front-end and back-end API is done.

My podcast RSS feed XML generation is done. 

The purpose of "Phase 1" is to get the basics done so I can use it for my own podcasts. 

I finished this in a matter of weeks because it is based on my LaSalle Software. 

My podcast packages are organized similar to my blog packages:
Podcast software repository summary

My UI package is a package. I may adapt it so all my podcast websites (I am thinking of three right now) use this same package... we'll see!
Podcast UI repository.

This is a look at my podcast backend package. Note that I am using classes to seed my podcast directory category lookup tables:
Podcast back-end package

This is a look at my podcast Nova package. The code on the right is the episode resource:
Podcast NOVA back-end package

This is a look at my podcast front-end package. Even though I control both the front and back ends, I still transform fetched data before returning the view, so it's easy (easier?) to trace the received data going to the view:
Podcast front-end package

My podcast front-end UI package is, not surprisingly, adapted from my blog UI package. This is one big advantage to using a package for the blade views instead of putting them directly in your app:
Podcast front-end UI package

Originally I put my RSS podcast feed generation in the back-end package. When I played with the idea of putting my feed generation on AWS' Lambda (serverless), I decided to put my feed generation in a separate package. When I actually sat down to do the generation, it was really nice to work in a package solely dedicated to this one thing. The service class generating the actual XML contents does not look out of place!
Podcast feed generation package

To see the front-end in action, here is an image of my live "archived podcasts" page at LaSalleSoftwareNews.com:
LaSalle Software News Podcast Site

Now I can actually start working on my podcasts!