Podcast Admin Phase One Completed

Podcast Admin Phase One Completed

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Having decided to resume my podcasts, I forged ahead building my own podcast administration back-end using my recently feature-completed LaSalle Software. Phase One of my podcast admin is now done.

There are three key elements to my admin: the podcast show, the podcast episodes, and the RSS Feed. 

Here is a look at the podcast show index view. Please note that I entered some sample data to look real for demonstration only, but it's just sample data I conjured up:

Podcast shows index view

Here is the detail view of a podcast episode:
Podcast episode detail view

Note the "Apple Podcast Directory" fields, which are absolutely necessary for building the RSS Feed. The RSS Feed is a file of your podcast show and episode information that the podcast directories use to list your podcasts on their directories. The Apple Podcast (formerly "iTunes") specification is still the industry's universal specification, so whether or not you list your podcast in Apple Podcasts (and you should, it is still the #1 podcast directory), you need to build an "Apple" RSS Feed. 

I want to add research tidbits that I come across for episodes that are in the works. So I created "Podcast Research Notes":
Podcast links index view

As well, I want to enter links that pertain to episodes, and then display these links in a list in the episode's web page: 
Podcast research notes index view

Tracking which podcast directories where a podcast show is listed:
Podcast directories index view

Although I am not offering podcast hosting as a SaaS, I am offering podcast hosting to clients. If a client wants me to "do the admin", I can enter their podcast info in my admin. Clients are able to log in with their own ID. Alternatively, clients can set up this admin for themselves.

At this point, I am not offering my LaSalle Software podcast packages as free open source software. 

I have started work on "Phase Two": my front-end podcast packages for setting up my podcast websites. 

"Phase Three" is my  RSS Feed package, which I am leaving for last as I have no podcasts to list right now. And, I need to dig in a bit further at deploying my RSS Feeds via AWS Serverless.