March 2020 Goals

March 2020 Goals

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Up until now, I considered my LaSalle Software as a development project. However, as I dug in more into my contact form package development this weekend past, I started getting a strange sense that my Software is moving out of its long-time developmental phase and into an actual project. Perhaps something ready for others to use. Perhaps!

Moving out of the development phase sounds very attractive to me. By the end of the month, I want to feel that my LaSalle Software is something that others can use for themselves.

The first thing I want to do is finish my contact form package.

Actually, packages -- a front-end and a back-end package. What was supposed to be a simple package for a simple contact form became something more. I wrote one package, and then realized that I need to break my packages into back-end and front-end packages. The front-end package is (composer) installed on my front-end app, and my back-end package is installed on my back-end app. My front-end contact form package now needs to make an API call to my back-end contact form package to add the contact form input field data into the database. My existing way to do this is set up well for my blog posts, but not so wonderful for post requests from a Laravel job. So I want to refactor this immediately, because I'll need this for future development.

There are a number of "clean-up" things I want to do before converting to Laravel 7:
 * use proper sessions for UUID's
 * tweak the blog layouts
 * there's a readme in bigtime need of attention!
 * there's a Nova issue, but honestly it is deferable
 * traverse my admin back-end and see if my eye catches anything (I have not done this yet)
 * inactive login table records should be deleted via scheduler (methinks)
 * go through my GPUG meetup notes from the review they did 

Then, I need to upgrade my Software to Laravel 7:
 * upgrade my custom guard to Laravel 7
 * double check that registration works
 * password verification is not set-up! I will do this with the L7 upgrade
 * lost password is not set-up! I will do this with the L7 upgrade

A frustration that I have is that once the app itself is installed, it is itself not composer updated. So all installed apps have to be hand updated. Something I doubt I'll dig into this month, but I want to leave the app itself alone as much as possible. 

After the L7 upgrade:
 * documentation
 * Vapor

The doc site is set-up. It's a matter of sitting down. My goal is make substantive headway this month, not to finish it. Is doc ever actually finished?

I don't want to delay getting into Vapor beyond mid-March. I should be done with my clean up and L7 conversion by mid-month. Should!

Updates to come!

Update: New Nova Version to Upgrade

March 04, 2020
Laravel Nova version 3 is released. I need to upgrade to Nova v3 as part of upgrading my LaSalle Software to the new Laravel Framework v7