LaSalle Software News #8: Quick Update

Tuesday June 7th, 2016

Episode Summary

Welcome to my eighth LaSalle Software News podcast.

This is Bob Bloom, from Toronto Canada. 

Today is Tuesday, June 07th, 2016. 

I publish LaSalle Software News monthly, at the top of the month, to update you on my LaSalle Software. 


Putting my The Bob Bloom Show on hiatus was a great move. I'm approaching this podcast with relish, there's a stack of things I want to get to. It's been a while since I've looked at my show prep with such gusto. It would have been yet another intrusion had I recorded my mid-month podcast, and off the heels of that podcast that I surely would not be in the right frame of mind to do, would be this podcast. 


Last month I tagged all two dozen plus LaSalle Software packages as version 1.2

Of note:

  • inbound email processing;
  • basic admin email handling;
  • email list handling (send a blog post to an in-house email list);
  • multiple contacts.

Last month I started a new custom backup package because I need a few features that do not exist in existing Laravel backup packages.

This month I expect to start my Roles and Permissions package.

This month I am working on my new "" web app. I am retiring my "", "", "", and "" web apps. It's challenging wire-framing my own site step-by-step, but I am working through it. This may end up dominating my June.


Enjoy a profitable month!


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