LaSalle Software News #13: Deep Studying

Thursday December 1st, 2016

Episode Summary

Welcome to my thriteenth LaSalle Software News podcast.

This is Bob Bloom, from Toronto Canada. 

Today is Thursday, December 01st, 2016. 

I publish LaSalle Software News monthly, at the top of the month except for September, to update you on my LaSalle Software. 


LaSalle Software is my free open source Software, built on the Laravel Framework.

LaSalle Software includes a content system, user and login management, a normalized customer database, an administration back-end, customized admin form automation, and more, built with the Laravel Framework version 5.1 LTS.



Actually, this is really a script, not a transcript, because I write it out in advance and then read it. I strayed off the script a bit this episode. 


Wow, November was a busy month. 

I am happy to say that I did move these podcasts over to SoundCloud. The URLs are really nice, no having to hit some threshhold number of listeners before being able to use a sane URL. Mine is If I'm lucky, iTunes will have updated my RSS feed to SoundCloud by the time I publish this. It was a lot less involved to get my dozen podcasts to SoundCloud, but still an effort. Podcasts look nice on SoundCloud, and I have the player displaying on my Media site. I should not have to worry about iTunes and SSL certificates again. A

There is a help page on SoundCloud about submitting my podcast to TuneIn. It looked easy enough.. Page looks really nice:  



You start a local PHP group, you arrange for a meet-up, you come up with a decent topic. And then realize at some point that the one doing the presentation is, well, me. So, I did the first presentation, on Design Patterns. 

My write up at:


At the True North PHP Conference earlier in the month, I knew I'd be doing the meet-up's presentation, so I was taking notes about speaking. That helped, but I did not like my own talk at all, which figures. One thing I don't want to do next time is worry about the slides during my talk. I'll volunteer someone to do the clicking.

Another thing is that I have no passion for the topic I was presenting, which for some reason was most evident to me afterwards. 

Another thing is that, at the True North PHP Conference, I got a lot out of the live coding sessions, which were too few and far between. I'm sure I'll be doing more talks, as the fallback person when a presenter can't be found for our small growing group. When I do present, I will do less slides and more code. 

My impression from the podcasts I listen to is that live coding is the most harrowing presentation to give. Because doing something live, there's going to be mess ups. At True North, the Events Sourcing live coding demo messed up. Beau talks about it at the start of his That Podcast. So, things will go wrong. The upside is that that I get so much out of demos that have show code, have live code demos, and log into sites to show what something really looks like. 

I think the thing that set me down this conclusion was my terrible description of the Forge service. One of our generous Group sponsors is Forge. I couldn't believe how bad my description was, as I stammered on the things I remembered about it while standing in front of people. Furthermore, I realized that attendees need to see a deploy in action. Forget the verbiage, let's log in!

At the time of this writing, it looks like we're going to have trouble getting a speaker to talk about the WordPress REST API plugin at our December 13th meet-up. If this is the case, then I'm going to put together a live coding demonstration. I've never used the REST API plugin, but if I'm going to research it, then forget the slides and show the code and log into everything!



My write-up of the recent True North PHP Conference is on my blog.

It was their fifth and final annual Conference. It was my second. Learned a ton, including a tidbit about Amazon Web Services' lamda function thanks to Vic. 



The reason my LaSalle Software version 2.0 work is delayed is that I accepted a short term part-time gig. At the True North's Friday evening Microsoft's Azure Hackathon, I was asked if I could help out with a year-end crush of projects. If you wonder if organizing a PHP Group can lead to gigs, this is your answer. 

I had other client work to do. I did move my podcasts to SoundCloud. I got a bunch of things done. Basically, I cleared the path so I could start focusing on my new Software version.

I've never been so excited about building software. This is going to be great! How can it be that I've never done an API, I've never done Continuous Integration, and I have a third-of-an-inch stack of index cards of things I have to learn, but it's going to be great?

Well, that's the point! These are things I have to be into, and I'm getting into them. I've read up on all the things I have to learn, and am ready to do it for real. I am still convinced that this will be the shortest from-scratch "greenfield" development I've ever done. There's always those things that take days to figure out.

I decided to use to build my API's swagger specs. Swagger is a way to describe the API without actually building the API. It's a way to design the API first. Swaggerhub is an software-as-a-service site where I can edit my spec. One reason I am using it is because it seems so straight forward. However, there is more to it and I am spending some time with videos and playing around. And so it goes as I build this new skill of building API's. 



Adam Wathan released the first of his software testing series. I'm going to make this series a priority because it is a rather thorough treatment of software testing via building a real life Laravel app. As well, Matt Stauffer's Laravel Up and Running book is coming out, and I want to do a real deep dive into this book. Plus, I have new equipment coming to set-up. A great wrap-up to a great year, with a solid start to a fantastic 2017.


NOTE: After recording this episode, I discovered Sensio Cloud, looked at Blackfire, took yet another peek at MuleSoft, discovered JitterBit (very much like their pricing page), scratched an itch to visit Computer Associates, and visited RunScope


Enjoy a profitable month!


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