LaSalle Software Version Two Development Commences: It Begins From The End

Updated Jan 20, 2017 (Originally Published Jan 20, 2017)

After going through a ton of prep, staring at my version one code, endless research, going down way too many rabbit holes, I am starting with my Version Two development.

You would think that my software development starts with writing code. Well, it does not. It starts with setting up the environments. The local development environment, the repos, the build environment, and the live domains. I'm setting 'em up now. 

It feels very weird. But it's not the coding that concerns me right off the bat. What concerns me first is where the code resides, and ensuring that the code can get to all the places it is supposed to be in a completely automated fashion. 

Just as a big lesson about software testing is that the software has to be testable, the big lesson with Continuous Integration is that the software is integratable. 

Here we go...

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