LaSalle Software Overview For Laravel News Podcast Listeners

LaSalle Software Overview For Laravel News Podcast Listeners

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Hello Fellow Artisans!

Towards the end of the recent Laravel News Podcast, the hosts made a call for community link submissions. I reached out about my LaSalle Software, and received an invitation to author a blog post about my Software and then to submit my link.

So here's my blog post specifically for Laravel News listeners ahead of the day, and that day may or may not come, when I am mentioned on the podcast.

My LaSalle Software is a labour of FOSS love. I wanted a head start for Laravel Framework based projects, so I created something that had the basics put together in one convenient package. Of course, it grew to be more than this.

I re-read my "Artisan Files" interview. Oh boy, so long ago. I re-wrote my "LaSalle CMS" from scratch, which is why my initial version of LaSalle Software is "2.0.0" instead of "1.0.0". And, I am now developing a new podcast platform, based on my LaSalle Software, for my renewed podcasting.

If you are using Laravel's Nova, you might be interested to see my source code to see how someone ties together models, policies, and Nova resources together. My online doc goes through Nova, as well as how I go about using Dusk to step through Nova forms.

I put together a screencast just for this blog post:

A summary of my Software is at this site's home page. Click "News" in the header menu for my blog posts. For my online docs, which include annotated screenshots, click "Docs". Source code at