Introducing Continuous Integration

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Updated Dec 23, 2011

I finally sat down this week, cleared my head, closed my screens, and started reading the PDF.

It didn’t take long to realize that CI = money. For site owners and consultants — really!

Jenkins, the CI server, is FOSS. It’s free! Anyone can download it.

Page 32 in the PDF (

Continuous Integration … is a real game changer… [as] it radically alters
the way teams think about the whole development process.

A good Continous Integration infrastructure can:

  • streamline the development process right through to deployment;
  • help detect and fix bugs faster;
  • provide a useful project dashboard for both developers and non-developers;
  • ultimately, deliver more real business value to the end user.

There’s more!

In essence, Continuous Integration is about reducing risk by:

  • faster feedback — identify and fix integration and regression issues faster, resulting insmoother, quicker delivery, and fewer bugs;
  • better visibility for technical and non-technical team members on the state of the project;
  • automating the deployment process — get your software into the hands of the testers and the end users faster, more reliably, and with less effort.

CI will be a continuous topic!


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