I am not updating these docs because my focus is on my new PHP Serverless Project.

My LaSalle Software's purpose was always a mixture of learning, marketing, and a basis for my own projects. It has, and is, fulfilling these purposes magnificently!

As always, contact me with your questions.


Addresses are meant to be associated with companies or people. However, they reside in their own dedicated database table, which are administered in the admin.

Addresses uses the Nova "place" field, which uses the Algolia Places API.

This is a nice little feature in Nova, and good to have it figured out in a real app, just in case we need to use the code elsewhere.

I know there are so many contact apps out there, not to mention API's, but I wanted my own little thing for myself, and something figured out for future development. Not only do we have the Nova resource done, but we also have the database tables for it as well.