What is Nova?


I am not updating these docs because my focus is on my new PHP Serverless Project.

My LaSalle Software's purpose was always a mixture of learning, marketing, and a basis for my own projects. It has, and is, fulfilling these purposes magnificently!

As always, contact me with your questions.


Nova is a first party administration package, created by the Laravel Project, specifically for the use with the Laravel Framework.


This is a commercial open source package. That means it costs money! Scroll down Nova's home page.

I do *not* have an affiliate link, nor any other arrangement with them.

My admin is married to Nova. So, no Nova, no LaSalle Software admin. Let the name of this LaSalle Software package give you a sense of the marriage!

As expected, Nova works well with the Laravel Framework. Both are authored by the same people.

The UI is nice, made with VueJS.

The screens are too big for smartphones. You will need a desktop (preferred) or a tablet.