Nova Icons


I am not updating these docs because my focus is on my new PHP Serverless Project.

My LaSalle Software's purpose was always a mixture of learning, marketing, and a basis for my own projects. It has, and is, fulfilling these purposes magnificently!

As always, contact me with your questions.


"View Details" does two things, one obvious and one not-at-all obvious yet is critical!!

1) Somewhat banal to say, but... click this icon to view the details -- to see the all the fields in a record.

2) To "attach" and "detach" related records. See this docs page for more info.



The Case of the Mysteriously Missing Icon

With Nova's icons, I have one word for you. Just one word...


Icons are "on" by default.
An icon is "off" when something is preventing it from displaying.

To be "off" is to be suppressed. A missing icon is a suppressed icon. Meaning: the icon is not displaying on purpose. There is a reason why it is not displaying!

If a missing icon is a concern, the ask yourself...

There is a reason!

The reason the delete icon is suppressed, in this case, is found in the personbydomain model's policy:

**THIS IS AN EXCERPT OF THE PersonbydomainPolicy CLASS**

    * Records that are not deletable.
    * @var  array
protected $recordsDoNotDelete = [1];

public function delete(User $user, Model $model)
    // if personbydomains is on the "do not delete" list, then not delete-able
    if ($this->isRecordDoNotDelete($model)) {
        return false;


The first record in the database is not delete-able.