Attach Detach

What is "Attach" and "Detach"?

"Attach" and "detach" are Laravel-ese for associating a row (aka "record") in one database table with a row in another database record.

It's just plain-vanilla database-101 stuff. That's all it is.

"Attach" and "detach" = bookkeeping:

BTW, these screenshots are LaSalle Software's actual MySQL database as seen by Table Plus software.

The record you are attaching must exist first

Attach and detach in "view details"

Recommend: Attach and detach in "companies" and "persons" only

"Companies" and "persons" are the main profile lists (aka "database tables"). The other tables are designed to be related to these two tables. So, for example, telephone numbers are not related to email addresses. So a complete list of all email addresses, social sites, etc, for a company is in that company's "view details".

Visually, I find that the easiest way to attach and detach is to do it in the "companies" and "persons" tables, because I can see all related lists in this one place.