Scheduling Artisan Commands - Admin App Only!


Some Artisan commands should run regularly via CRON jobs. The Laravel Framework includes a scheduling feature, where you define the schedule within the a Laravel app, and then set up one single CRON job that executes the Laravel scheduling.

Defining the schedule is pre-defined. These are the Artisan commands that are in this schedule:
php artisan auth:clear-resets

php artisan lslibrary:deleteexpiredlogins

php artisan lslibrary:deleteexpiredjwt

You have to set up the CRON job.

Please note that scheduling artisan commands pertains to the admin app only.

Seting up CRON job in Forge

Log into your Forge account. Click "Servers" at the top, and then click the name of your server.

Click "Schedule Job". Done!

Time Zone

Please set your timezone so your commands execute when you intend.

Just set the timezone parameter in the app config. That's it, you're done!


  • list of supported timezones
  • Laravel's scheduling docs
  • Admin app's console kernal.php