Blog Overview


I am not updating these docs because my focus is on my new PHP Serverless Project.

My LaSalle Software's purpose was always a mixture of learning, marketing, and a basis for my own projects. It has, and is, fulfilling these purposes magnificently!

As always, contact me with your questions.


I want a blog. So, in it goes into my LaSalle Software.

In so doing, it is the initial feature that uses both the back-end and a front-end. For this reason alone, it was worth building a blog!

I added a "post update" feature to update a blog post without disturbing the original post.

Here is a list of my blog database tables:
Main Blog Tables
⇒ posts
⇒ post_updates
Supporting Database Table
⇒ categories
Supporting "Look up" Database Table For The Posts Database Table
⇒ tags
"Pivot" or "Bookeeping" Database Tables That Associate A Post With a Supporting Table
⇒ post_tag