April 2020 Goals

April 2020 Goals

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Well, March turned into a month unlike any we've seen. A chunk of it I was not working on my LaSalle Software. 

I did finish my contact package.

I did finish the layout for my new online documentation, and start the actual doc. 

I did finish with a bunch of tweaks that were pending. 

Upgrading to Laravel 7 and Nova 3 are still pending. 

Vapor is still pending. 

I published my doc so you can see it.

I'm going to leave it at this, and then do a special update at mid-month. 

Update: Mid Month Update

April 19, 2020
Here we are into mid month.

I just finished releasing the final LaSalle Software version for the Laravel Framework version 6.x series.

I use GitHub "smart commits" to link individual commits with issues. Each GitHub issue is associated with a GitHub milestone. Each milestone represents a release in the form of "2.xx.yy". Each app and package has a "CHANGELOG.md" where you can trace all this. For example, see https://github.com/LaSalleSoftware/lsv2-library-pkg/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md.

I spent a lot of time on my online documentation. More time than I ever figured it would take, and more to go. 

When I ran all my tests for this final L6 release, I wrote my tests doc as I went along. 

For the first time, I will get my new contact form packages live in a day or so. 

The L7 and Nova 3 upgrades are imminent this week. 

I am chomping at the bit to get my Software onto Laravel's Vapor. However, I am being rather stubborn about wanting the very best version of LaSalle Software done first. So at this point, another week or so or whatever is not going to make a difference, but taking the time to get the L7 upgrade is going to make a big difference. 

The end of this month is looking very very good for a Laravel 7 and Nova 3 version of LaSalle Software with full online docs done. 

I am also in the midst of co-organizing a joint virtual PHP meet-up. I'm about to write a post about that at my other site.