Announcing My Feature Complete Software Release

Announcing My Feature Complete Software Release

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I am thrilled to announce my feature complete LaSalle Software release.

Although pretty much done at the end of May, there were a few things I wanted to get done:

  • split the library package into front-end and back-end packages
  • move the back-end API validation to the library back-end package from the blog back-end package
  • remove the UUID generation from the front-end API request sequence
  • create a back-end UI package 
  • new two factor authentication for the admin with email only (using the new back-end UI package)
  • update the online documentation with the new stuff

I was concerned that the the way my API handling evolved, that it would cause problems with Vapor (Amazon Web Services serverless platform using the Laravel Vapor service). I was concerned that had I not cleaned up the API handling, I could face serious barriers to getting the most out of Vapor. 

I am sure that I will want to use my Software in Vapor for processing functions, and not just as an alternative way of deploying full blown web applications. So just to put my mind at rest (no pun intended), I decided to clean up my Software's API handling.  

The temptation to widen the scope of my refactor was enormous. Especially for unit testing. However, for everything there is a season, and now is the time to finally get moving with serverless. 

For the rest of 2020, I am not adding new features to my Software. Just fixes as needed, and just upgrades stemming from new Laravel Framework and Nova releases. Especially in late summer when Laravel 8 will be released. 

Along with Vapor is learning AlpineJS and Livewire, which I think will be fantastic tools for serverless functions.