LaSalle Software is my free and open source integrated web application based on the Laravel Framework.

Since Laravel is the web app framework, but not the app itself, I need an integrated base app for my projects.
So I built my integrated app.
I call it LaSalle Software
I based my administrative "CRUD" back-end on Laravel's Nova.
I wanted to distinctly separate people who are not intended to login from people who can login. So I built this capability.
My projects typically start with the same type of database. So I built it. My profiles tables, migrations, models, policies, and Nova resources are all there.
Multiple independently deployed front-end apps are administered by a single, independent, administrative back-end app. Exactly what I desired.
I based the back-end authentication on the OAuth client credentials grant, using JWT. Just as I wanted.
I created three authorization levels in the back-end app, using native Laravel Policies, fully integrated with Nova, right out of the box.
Blog -- because I need a blog for myself!
Brief Introductory Video

Latest Podcast

March 01, 2023
More wizard-ry, as I work on video pre and post production wizards....

Latest Updates

September 28, 2022
My monthly LaSalle Software News podcast starts anew, with an October 01st podcast that talks about using "serverless" technology for my Software.
March 09, 2021
My new video administration back-end, and video front-end, are done.