LaSalle Software is my free and open source web application to help Laravel developers build custom websites, web applications, and serverless functions by integrating Laravel's Framework, Nova, and Dusk with commonly needed features.
Hi! My name is Bob Bloom (on the right!).
I develop web apps using the superb Laravel Framework.
Laravel is the web app framework, not the app itself. I need an integrated base app for my projects.
So I built it, based on the superb Laravel Framework.
I call it LaSalle Software!
Laravel's Nova for the administrative back-end.
Login-able users and non-login-able people.
Head-start built-in "profiles" database.
Multiple independent front-end apps administered by a single independent administrative back-end app.
Back-end authentication based on the OAuth client credentials grant, using JWT.
Three authorization levels in the back-end app, using native Laravel Policies.
Blog -- because I need a blog for myself!
Brief Introductory Video

Latest News

December 01, 2020
More podcasts for background are done. Twitch is set-up enough for now. Discord server is set-up. Time to dive into the initial project research. Time to get the first streams going....
September 01, 2020
My Podcast API, UI, website, and feed generation are done. This is the summary....
August 31, 2020
Laravel Framework's v 8 was announced at last week's LaraCon US conference. The new features have me mulling a new LaSalle Software "full point" release....
August 23, 2020
Here's my blog post specifically for Laravel News listeners ahead of the day, and that day may or may not come, when I am mentioned on the podcast....
August 09, 2020
Having decided to resume my podcasts, I forged ahead building my own podcast administration back-end using my recently feature-completed LaSalle Software. Phase One of my podcast admin is now done!...
August 09, 2020
I uploaded a four minute screencast of my Phase One podcast admin....
July 16, 2020
Does losing your .env file mean losing your APP_KEY value along with it?...
July 14, 2020
Just tagged a new feature so encrypted fields can be re-encrypted with a new APP_KEY. Now can rotate APP_KEYs....
July 12, 2020
I just uploaded three screencasts introducing LaSalle Software, GitHub repos, and online docs....
July 04, 2020
LaSalle Software may be feature complete for now, but the updates continue...