The Summer of Loss

My name is Bob Bloom.

Today is Labour Day, 2018.

This has been my summer of loss.

After six weeks in palliative care, my mom passed away on July 19th.

After five weeks in post-operative care, my step father of 35 years passed away on August 22nd.

This was supposed to be the summer of code.

This was the summer that I release my LaSalle Software Version Two. My web application software based on the fabulous Laravel Framework, built on the micro-services architecture. Alas, this has not happened.

This fall, I look forward to releasing my Software.

This fall, I look forward to seeing you at our full slate of PHP meet-ups, which will start in October.

This fall, I look forward to seeing you at Richmond Hill Board of Trade events.

My podcast will resume in October.

Micro-services is the way to go for small and medium sized businesses. The costs have come down tremendously to make it worthwhile. So instead of having one huge website with integrated front and back ends, it is now feasible to have multiple front ends accessing a single back end. This makes it possible to have separate front ends for each line of business, for landing pages, for login areas, while using a unified database.

There is no standard micro-services software based on the Laravel Framework. So I am working on my own, starting with an API Gateway and Authentication Server.



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