IT IS MAY 14th, 2017 -- I'M BACK!

For the last half year I've been working at back-to-back full time during-the-day short-term contract gigs. They are done. I am back!

I thought, wow, what a great opportunity to create version two of my software. So I went incognito with the idea that I would emerge from my cave at the end of my gigs with version two all done. And not just my software, but I'll have a new fresh flagship site all done too.

Well, that was incredibly stupid. I will never go incognito again. Ever.

I just did the two dumbest marketing decisions I could do: I fell off the map, and I have no flagship site. Guess what I will never do again!

The romance of progressing my own software at night is strong. But stronger is my need to sleep. LaSalle Software v2 is still in the beginning stage.

Some of the things that I learned or were just reinforced over the last few months:

  • Legacy software is dead end. No more legacy software
  • You cannot pry the Laravel Framework out of my cold dead hands
  • Custom software development is a very intensely intimate thing
  • Modern web app stuff benefits owners more than anyone else -- site owners are the hugest beneficiaries of modern web app technology
  • Dev ops is a ying yang of absolute complete bullshit, coupled with deeply profound business opportunities
  • Design is hugely over-rated

I am not a happy camper that I find myself rusty with Laravel. OTOH, I'm diving into it head first, never to leave the pool!

I am doing LSv2. I am doing a new flagship site. I'll have more on this shortly.

Seeing that LaSalle Software development will happen after the contracts, we made major investements in our home office and equipment.

It is good to be back!

LaSalle Software version 1.2 exceeds my original vision

Laravel Framework

Built on Laravel, the most popular PHP framework. Makes modern web app dev hugely accessible. Check out this online e-book, Laravel for Clients (one of the background scrolling images is Toronto's City Hall).


My LaSalle Software is available as free open source software. Free! (LaSalleCast is the exception). See it on GitHub here and here.

Key Web App Features Ready-To-Go

There is no "go-to" Laravel based content system, so I built one. Content system, customer management tables, user authentication, two factor auth, tags, open graph & twitter card meta tags, custom settings galore, contact form (for single and multiple contacts), etc etc. Your ready-to-go base for your custom web app.

Constructed as Composer Packages

LaSalle Software is made up of industry standard installable packages. Install what you need.

No Proprietary Eco-System Bullshit

I'm sick and tired of getting screwed by locked-in in-house eco-systems. The biggest payoff, lowest risk, widest choice eco-system is PHP's own Composer eco-system. Guess what eco-system LaSalle Software uses. Indeed, I use many wonderful, community accepted, independent packages from this eco-system.

Admin Area with Form Automation

LaSalle Software comes with a ready-made admin area that is easy on the eyes. Database forms are created auto-magically in the administration area via one-time specifications. Can you say: "Fast cheap prototype spin-up". You're welcome.

Special Podcasting Software

Powers my own podcasting site. This is specialty software available to my clients.