My name is Bob Bloom.

In this picture, my daughter and I are en route to a Laravel Toronto meet-up.

I am a independent web applications developer, specializing in the superb Laravel Framework.

I am working on free open source web application software based on both the Laravel Framework and on the micro services architecture.

Why do this software: solve base issues, lower initial cost to clients, encourage clients to do custom software development, contribute software back to the incredible Laravel open source community, and take advantage of this marvellous architecture!

The first release will be out by Labour Day.

I joined the Richmond Hill Board of Trade in May 2018 and have already met a lot of people already.

I co-organize three Toronto area PHP groups: Laravel Toronto, GTA PHP, and York Region PHP.

** Please note that due to a family illness and working hard on LaSalle Software v2, my next monthly podcast will be in October 2018.


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