LaSalle Software is my free and open source web application to help Laravel developers build custom websites, web applications, and perhaps/probably serverless functions -- I'll be looking at this shortly -- by integrating Laravel's Framework, Nova, and Dusk with commonly needed features.
Hi! My name is Bob Bloom (on the right!).
I develop web apps using the superb Laravel Framework.
Laravel is the web app framework, not the app itself. I need an integrated base app for my projects.
So I built it, based on the superb Laravel Framework.
I call it LaSalle Software!
Laravel's Nova for the administrative back-end.
Login-able users and non-login-able people.
Head-start built-in "profiles" database.
Multiple independent front-end apps administered by a single independent administrative back-end app.
Back-end authentication based on the OAuth client credentials grant, using JWT.
Three authorization levels in the back-end app, using native Laravel Policies.
Blog -- because I need a blog for myself!

Latest News

February 18, 2020
LaSalle Software Version Two's initial release is done.The first thing I did with my initial release was to install two front-end domains, and to install the common admin domain. The going was a bit rough at furst, but I did smooth out the installation process (mainly with new command line scripts) and a few other odds and ends that came up. You can see the post-release updates in detail in each p...
February 17, 2020
The history of LaSalle Software comes down to the fact that I needed a turn-key web application with which to start my projects. Based on the superb Laravel Framework....